Audible voice of God

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From the Father of Lights DVD

Meet Ravi


In my travels around the world, I get to see many wonderful things and meet many amazing people.
But few come close to the sheer unbelievability of my friend, Ravi.
Anyone doubting that God still speaks to his children today and that he wants to be intimately involved in our lives, need only spend a little time with this loving, humble man.
Ravi has an incredibly unique gift from God, whom he calls, "Daddy,"
Ravi, you see, hears the audible voice of God, everyday.
When Ravi was 17 years old, his life was a mess and he was about to kill himself when God spoke to him, audibly, and revealed Himself to Ravi.
So ever since then, for 20 years, God wakes Ravi up at 4 am and gives him his marching orders for the day.

While we were with Ravi, we drove five hours to this enormous temple.
Ravi had told us that morning that God had shown him a man we were supposed to find.
He didn't know his name, just what he looked like.
White beard, orange robe, with a turban on his head.
So we walked. And searched. And looked around.
And then...
White beard, turban, saffron clothes.
What color clothes? Saffron.
There he is. Samuel's got him.
No freaking way,
I couldn't believe what I was seeing, It's one thing to read about this stuff happening in, like, the book of Acts, but it's something else entirely when it's happening right in front of you.
Who was this person? Why did God tell us to find him?
Because a crowd was gathering, the two decided to go to a lower temple for more privacy to talk.
Along the way, Ravi explained that this was a Maharishi, which is a guru of gurus--the Hindu equivalent of a bishop.
Maharishis are not even allowed to hear the gospel,
He should have incited the crowd to stone us.
Instead, he wanted to talk more.
We found out pretty quick, He saw me and he didn't know where to meet this fellow.
No, in the dream.
Someone told him to do this. He doesn't know who it is.
But then, he says, that is right, that's Yesu, that's Jesus.
He saw him in his dreams.
Until then, he didn't know who that is.
But now he knows that it was Jesus.

Think about this,
Days ago, this Maharishi has a dream where Jesus appears and tells him to go to this temple on this day and he shows him a picture of Ravi.
At the same time, we've been told by God to go to this temple on this day to find a man with a white beard, saffron robes, and a turban on his head,
Needless to say, Ravi now has the Maharishi's undivided attention.

At this point, a Maharishi becomes a Christian, and he, more than anyone, realizes the holy nature of this moment and he removes his sandals because he is on holy ground.
You are staring in the face of a miracle, A man who has searched his whole life for his Father finally finds him.
Good, good, good.
Thank you Jesus.

Six months later, Ravi visited us in Chicago and gave us an update on how the Maharishi is doing.This guy's gone back and he's talked to his disciples and they've been following Jesus.
And he's talked to the followers. People come from everywhere and he's been talking to them.
As far as I know, he is well protected by his own people.

Obviously he's performing miracles too. Headaches and stomach aches that he's dealing with.
That's one thing that's protecting him. That people see the power that he has from God.
And they have to believe him. He's been prophesying, it seems. He's been telling things, what's happening tomorrow, in the future.
He's giving all the credit to what Jesus did in his life.
It seems the Father is trying to speak to all of his children,
The real question is:
what do we do when he does?