Changed by the love of God

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Changed by the love of God – from the Father of Lights DVD

Mike and Deena Vant Hul

Mike was vice president of a bank and was happily married. After an powerful encounter with the living God, Mike and Deena Van’t Hul where changed forever. They forsake everything they and went to China. Now they take care of orphan children nobody else wants. The love of God lives in them through the Holy Spirit. An inspiring testimony how God can changes lives for those who truly seek after Him.

Darren Wilson:
The answer to that question: what happens when children actually listen to their Father?
Holds the key to a life fulfilled, and a world transformed.
We traveled to China to meet an incredible couple who’s lives were radically altered after an encounter with the Father.
Their names are Mike and Deena Van’t Hul, and Mike joined us for a brief stop in Taiwan to film an enormous gathering that was happening there.
Mike and Deena had encountered the Father through this man, Randy Clark, and Mike wanted to see his old friend again.
And once more, God reminded me that those who truly seek after Him will encounter his love as well as his power.

Randy Clark:
In Jesus name renew him, refresh him. Fill him afresh with the baptism of love.
Baptism of power.
God, let him begin to see miracles and not just healings.
In the name of Jesus.
Creative miracles, Lord.
He was vice president of a bank and they had a big home and nice cars and just everything.
They were nominal; they were lukewarm. They were the last ones in, sat in the back, and the first ones out when service was over.
I was preaching in the morning, Sunday morning.
I think, I’m not sure. I said something in the order of, if you want to be touched by God, come to the front.
I said, come Holy Spirit.
People began to fall all over the church.
And they fell.
When they got up, they were radically changed in that short amount of time the Spirit was on them.
Mike came just shortly afterwards and was weeping and told Tom, I can’t be vice president of the bank anymore.

Mike Vant Hul:
Even though I would say we were happily married and had a good family and were living a good life,
there was still an emptiness that was in us, especially in me, that was not being fulfilled by my Christian walk.

Deena Vant Hul:
We were both raised in Christian families and so we believed the Bible, but we had none of it in our lives
and we would say, where’s the more?
If this is really what it seems to be, where is the fruit? Where is the more? Where’s the passion?
Where’s the love? They say you have to love God.
How do you love God? I don’t know how to do that.
I can accept him and say a prayer, but how do you fall in love with God?
And what does that mean?
What if you don’t feel it?
Can you still be a Christian?
Can you still…?
We would have those conversations and so that night reminds me of the night I met Mike.
That’s what I… It’s the same kind of feeling that I had.
It was like meeting Jesus for the first time.

Mike Vant Hul:
What the Lord did on the outside looked innocent enough and casual, but was very deep.
So it is hard to describe what happened inside Deena and I.
There was such an exchange where he took things from me.
I didn’t deserve the forgiveness and the deliverance, but things were just moved instantly.
And just replaced with radical love.

Darren Wilson:
Well that radical love would propel them to sell everything and fly to China with their three small children and two suitcases.
No plan, Couldn’t speak the language.
But God told them to go, and they trusted Him.

Deena Vant Hul:
So we just said, if he’s asking us to go, then we’re just going to go.
We sold our house and we gave everything else away.
And we just came with clothes.
We moved here with our three children.
They were eighteen months, five, and eight at the time.
You had no house?
We had no house. We lived in a hotel for three days and found an apartment.
It was very interesting.
It had rats and it had raw sewage.
We didn’t know anything.
I remember walking in…
Everything up until that point, for me, it was very exciting.
Even though there was a lot of sacrifice involved, but even the sacrifices were such a joyful sacrifice, it was like it was all I had to give and I was just so happy to give it.
But at that moment, as I stood in the apartment and I watched my…
I watched my children come in for the first time and see their new home.
I thought, what kind of mother does this to her children?
You know, we had a beautiful home and a beautiful family and it hit me, you know, like this is real. You know…
This is real.
And I saw their little faces and would just try and do the best that they could.
And I just thought, oh my goodness.
What have I done?

Darren Wilson:
What they had done was put their lives completely in their Father’s hands, and either He would have to come through for them, or they were in big trouble.
But then Deena forged a relationship with some of the local orphanages, and miracles began to happen, and doors were opened for them that never should have opened, and they began to receive children from these orphanages that no one else wanted.
Which, in just a short time, has led to this…
Welcome to the home that love built, With hardly any regular funding and month to month financial miracles, Mike and Deena care for lame, blind, and mostly unadoptable children through their ministry, Loaves and Fishes.
They give them an education, care for them, and pour out as much love as they physically can on children no one else seems worthy of love.
These children are us. Broken, unwanted, overlooked people.
But the Father shines through two people, and suddenly the child’s purpose is made clear.
All that is expected of these kids is that they receive the love lavished upon them.
Here is just one example of the more than 40 children Mike and Deena care for.
This little boy was kidnapped from his parents and shipped into the country in a box for three days.
The lack of oxygen gave him permanent brain damage.

Deena Vant Hul:
With him, we feel really honored to have him.
We always think, what if our child was stolen?
We know and have heard of so many stories of people who’ve had their children stolen from them.
What would we want? Of course we would want to find them, but if we couldn’t find them, we would want somebody to honor them, to love them, to care for them.
We count it a great privilege to take care of him in the place of his family.

Darren Wilson:
When I asked Deena why she does this for children who won’t be able to give anything back,
I received an education as well…

Deena Vant Hul:
We believe that God is the giver of life.
And that if he chose for a life to be created, that there’s purpose in the life.
These children have taught us more than probably the greatest teachers and preachers of our time about love.
God has used them to change the way that we think, the way that we feel.
And we’re happy.
And holding them I feel God’s presence.
And holding them I feel His pleasure.
And holding them and loving them, even when they die in my arms, I feel his grace.
Why would he choose us to do this?
I don’t know.
But there’s this knowing that we’re in the center of his will for our lives.
And we know that we are only a piece of the puzzle.
We’re one piece of this amazing puzzle that he’s created and we just want to do our part well.

Darren Wilson:
“Even the darkness will not be dark to you;
the night will shine like the day,
for darkness is as light to you.”

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