Healing prayer: Shattered back gets healed

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Healing prayer

John and Patt have been christians for only 8 months. John was set free instantly from drugs and alcohol by Jesus and now he wants to tell everyone about the love of God. He believes what Jesus did for him, he will also do for others.

When they meet Mark on the streets, Mark tells them about his lower back that has been damaged for 38 years. Docters could not fix it. When John and Patt prayed an healing prayer in faith the most amazing thing happened. Watch the great power of our living Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

At first Mark didn’t believe that prayer would help him. He has been trough faith and everything. He thought that Jesus wasn’t going to help him. But watch as the great love of God comes and touches Mark. After the healing prayer Mark walks away with pain still in his back. Still not knowing what was about to happen. Only moments later Mark comes back after he felt how God has healed him. First rejoicing and soon after that he opens his heart to Jesus. A heart warming encounter indeed.

Glory to God!

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2 Responses

  1. Jim

    watched and prayed after watching man healed after 38 years .I also have been praying and believing for 38 years and after watching this video still not healed by Jesus .whats up?

  2. marc

    Hello Jim. When you are not healed it doesn’t mean God does not love you. He surely does! I don’t know why some people get healed and others don’t. Keep faith, keep trusting Jesus as your God and Saviour.