Suicide prevention God’s way

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God cares about you

Nathaniel Oliveri stopped a young man to pray for him when he realized there was blood running from his wrists. Spencer thought it might be his last day but God had other plans.

This is strong testimony about suicide prevention God’s way.

Spencer had been drinking heavily and wanted to kill himself. Nathaniel stepped up to him but Spencer told him to leave him alone. “No one cares about me”. Nathaniel looked him in the eye and said: I care about you. God cares about you. Nathaniel began to speak about the Holy Spirit and asked if he could pray for him. It took a while before Nathaniel got trough but finally Spencer allowed prayer. Nathaniel prayed with all of his hearth. Spencer felt sober as soon as Nathaniel prayed for him. Then Nathaniel received a word of knowledge from God for Spencer and said: “When you were 8 years old you were with your family and you said a joke. They all began to mock you and laugh at you and you decided in your heart that nobody cares about me.” Spencer looked at Nathaniel and said: “How do you know that?“ Nathaniel looked Spencer in the eye and said: “Because God knows you and he cares about you”.

The presence of God came over Spencer and he had to sit down. There was an inward struggle between the demonic darkness that was in him and the light and love of God that Spencer was pulled to. Spencer drew his blade and said that he wanted to cut himself again. Nathaniel didn’t run away but convinced Spencer to give him the blade. Nathaniel spoke words of life to Spencer and the demonic spirit had to go. The anger was gone and the disbelief was gone. All the hurt was gone. God changed him in a moment. Nathaniel dressed his wounds, gave him something to eat and took him home with him.

There Nathaniel noticed that Spencer was limping. Spencer explained that he had a bad hip for two years. Together with a friend Nathaniel prayed for his hip and straight away God healed him. He could walk normally. The pain was gone and it has been so now for 9 months.

Spencer received more prayer at the home of Nathaniel and had to lie down. But he also wanted to lay down because he was under the influence of a different spirt. The Holy Spirit. There was a really powerful and amazing feeling all over his body.

Spencer gave his heart to Jesus, right there on the floor.